Mickayla + Josh

July 2018

"Dear Eileen,

Thank you for transporting the quilt and getting it to us via Janet... I of course had to open it up and it is absolutely gorgeous! Just perfect.

Again, you worked magic. We'll all be giving it to the Bride and Groom on Friday night.

I am sure they will appreciate your gifted work — something that captures them and their shared experiences, interests, and memories. A gift of a lifetime."

Above:  a section of John's birthday quilt   Right:  the dedication hand stitched to the quilt back

Above: a section of John's birthday quilt

Right: the dedication hand stitched to the quilt back

John + Merle

April 2011

"Dear Eileen, 

The quilt you created for my birthday is True Artistry. Merle and I have exchanged many "love letters" over the length of our relationship. The love letter you created through Merle's inspiration is reflective of our relationship and our journey. 

Thank you so much,

It is a True Treasure."



November 2014



It was so nice to meet you yesterday! I love the beautiful material you helped me pick out."

I can't wait for Christmas morning!"