Q: How do I contact eileen?
Email: eileen@eioftheneedle.com 
Phone:  215-350-3015

Q: Where is eileen's studio?
After years in Pennsylvania eileen relocated to coastal Connecticut several years ago.  She lives and works in Westport, CT.

Q: I want to work with eileen, but don't live near her studio. Can we still work together?
Not a problem! Taking commission orders from people unable to meet in person is never a problem. eileen has worked with many clients without face-to-face meetings. Phone, email, SKYPE, and Facetime provide opportunities to exchange all vital project-building information.

Q: eileen is often asked: "I want a T-Shirt quilt for my bed. How many T-Shirts do I need?"
eileen responds with questions of her own: 1) What size do you want your quilt to be? 2) What textiles do you want to include in your project?

Whether you have 5, 15, or 50 different T-Shirts, dresses, jerseys, or neckties Eileen will use whatever you give her to make a finished memory-saving project with FINISHED DIMENSIONS OF YOUR CHOICE! If you want a lap blanket you need to think about whose lap it will cover. Will it be for a young child, or a tall person?  If you want the quilt to cover the top of a queen bed it will be 60" X 80". With a drop, the finished dimensions will grow. Thinking about these details will help when planning your project.

This quilt measures 92" X 92". It was gifted to Jake by his parents upon his graduation from college.

This quilt measures 92" X 92". It was gifted to Jake by his parents upon his graduation from college.

Q:  What is the turn-around-time for new orders?
Production times vary depending on the complexity of the project.  Expected time required for smaller projects is within one to two weeks.  Larger commissions, such as MEMORY QUILTS may take 4 to 8 weeks.    

Q: Can I trust eileen with my project?      
You will find that eileen's work is meticulous. From the planning stage of designing your work through the construction and completion of the project eileen's focus is on detail and precision. An examination of her work illustrates this focus:  Detail work is crisp and precise. Lines are centered and straight. Appliques are artfully sewn. Great care is taken throughout each step of the project to ensure that your project meets, and even exceeds, your expectations.

Q:  I need something done FAST. Does eileen accept RUSH ORDERS?
The feasibility of a RUSH ORDER will be determined on a case by case basis.  CALL to discuss your project!

Q:  I know how to sew but have never quilted.  I want to LEARN HOW TO MAKE A QUILT.  Is this possible?
eileen offers private "How to Do It Yourself" instruction in her studio.  Learning the basics of designing and constructing a quilt is a worthwhile goal.  eileen can teach you the techniques needed to successfully make a quilt of any size of design.  Call her to discuss your specific interests and arrange for individual or small group instruction.

Q:  I want to have something made to coordinate with the colors and textiles in my home.  Will eileen design something using fabric that I supply?
Fabric supplied by you is CUSTOMER'S OWN MATERIAL (COM).  COM can be integrated into most commissioned work.  It can also be used as a color and texture guide for a new project or design.

A wooden rod threaded through 1.5" decorative tabs supports this 26" X 11" batik wall hanging.

A wooden rod threaded through 1.5" decorative tabs supports this 26" X 11" batik wall hanging.

Q:  What is the BEST way to display quilts on a wall?
Display it your way!  Here are three suggestions:
~ DECORATIVE TABS are functional and become part of the quilt's design.  A decorative rod threaded through the individual tabs keeps the wall quilt stable while adding a decorative element to the project.  
~ HANDSEWN RINGS secured discretely to the quilt back are an easy way to display small pieces of Quilted Wall Art.  The lightweight plastic rings hang from small nails that have been hammered into the wall at appropriate intervals to match up with the rings.
~ A HIDDEN CASING sewn onto the quilt back, but hidden when viewed from the front, supports a dowel rod (for lighter pieces) or a wooden slat (for heavier pieces). This prevents the Quilted Wall Art from sagging.

Q:  What is the BEST WAY to CARE FOR my ei of the needle quilted treasures? Handle your quilted treasures with care. 1) Display them away from direct sunlight and heat.  Sunlight LOVES to fade textiles. 2) Air them out occasionally, but not in bright sunlight.  3) Different projects require different care.  Memory Quilts and Memory Pillows can generally be machine washed in cold water on a gentle setting and dried on low heat.  Dry cleaning is also generally appropriate.  Eileen will review specific care instructions with you when you plan your quilted project.

Q:  I have always wanted to learn to sew for myself but the skills I learned in 8th grade are my only background.  Any suggestions?
eileen is a patient and effective teacher with successful teaching experience. Whether you are 8 or 80, or something in between, eileen can help you step-by-step to learn the language of sewing, to learn how to read and follow the directions on a commercial pattern, to learn how to use a sewing machine or sew by hand.  eileen will build on what you already know and help your set of sewing skills GROW! Contact eileen to arrange a time to start YOUR sewing adventure!

Q:  Does eileen supply references?
References are freely available from eileen.     Email: eileen@eioftheneedle.com   OR   Phone:  215-350-3015