Textiles tell stories: Let's tell yours! Whether it's a father's old work uniform, a child's outgrown clothing, or a treasured Thanksgiving tablecloth, these articles remind us of our loved ones and our most cherished memories. Instead of discarding these articles or storing them in the back of a closet, eileen can help you transform them into functional and unique quilts, pillows, or wall hangings. Working with eileen is a collaborative process combining your ideas with eileen's design experience and expertise. eileen can fashion your textiles into almost anything.

When I embark on a new project I start by getting to know my clients. Interviewing each client, I ask them:

'who is this project for?'
'will it be functional or decorative?'
'where will it live? on a sofa or bed? on a wall? on the floor?'
'is this gift a surprise? because if not then may I collaborate with the recipient as well?'

It's my job to take the answers to these questions and combine them with my quilt-making and design skills generating a project plan that we're both happy with. This is a collaborative process in which I focus on the details and art of quilt-making.